Above all, behind Shaane is me, a young woman of 28 years old named Smahane. I have always been a lover of fashion and new trends. This universe is quite simply a passion and not my basic profession. This still led me to create an Instagram with the aim of sharing my world. A few years later, my account @Shaane._ has grown to a proportion I never imagined.
Initially coming from a completely different professional background, it was only after long studies and a few years of work in the professional world that I decided to create my own online store.

My goal is simple, to prove that every woman can be beautiful and luminous no matter what defines her. I veiled myself a few years ago because I felt the need and that's how I feel good about myself. The veil has never prevented me from flourishing both personally and professionally. Every woman has the right to feel beautiful and good in her clothes, whatever her choices.

This is what I want to bring to you with my brand Shaane.
Enjoy ♥️