Finding a Hijab style that can suit our face shape can be a real challenge. In this article, we will look at the different ways of wearing hijab for different face shapes.

Oval face

The oval face is considered the most balanced face shape. It is therefore possible to wear the hijab in different ways. The most common style for women with oval faces is the simple hijab, which involves simply wrapping the hijab around the head and securing it under the chin. It is also possible to wear the hijab in a turban style or in a hooded style to add a touch of modernity.

Round face

Women with round faces can opt for hijab styles that elongate the face. Wearing the hijab so that the forehead is more exposed is a good option as it will create an illusion of height. Hijabs that add volume to the sides can also help add height.

Square face

Women with square faces can choose hijabs that soften the contours of their face. The drape style hijab is an ideal choice as it adds softness to the corners. Hijabs with rounded edges or pointed edges can also help soften facial contours.

Heart-shaped face

Women with heart-shaped faces have a more pronounced chin. The hijab must therefore be worn so as not to accentuate the chin. The simple style hijab with a longer scarf on one side of the face is an ideal choice for women with this face shape.

Triangular face

Women with triangular faces have a forehead that is narrower than their jawline. The hijab must therefore be worn in such a way as to add volume to the upper part of the face. Hijabs with more volume on the sides are ideal for balancing proportions.

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In conclusion, there is no universal hijab style that suits all face shapes. It's important to consider your face shape and experiment with different styles to find the one that suits you best. The goal is to feel comfortable and confident while respecting our wonderful religious principles.