If certain colors bring radiance to the face, others on the contrary can make you look bad. More than for clothes, the choice of the color of the veil which is worn close to the face is essential to enhance your complexion. However, choosing the right hijab color can be a challenge for many women.

Find in this article our advice for choosing the color of your veil according to your skin color.

How to define your complexion?

To define your complexion, there are three types of skin color: light, medium and dark . Your skin color can have a cool, warm or neutral tone.

Defining your skin tone is an essential step before choosing a suitable hijab color .

To identify your skin tone, you can follow the tips below:

  • For the cool tone: your skin has shades of pink, red or blue, and your veins appear rather blue.
  • For the warm tone: your skin has shades of yellow, peach or gold, and your veins appear rather green.
  • For the neutral tone: your skin has a mix of warm and cool undertones and your veins appear blue-green in color.

Now that you know how to identify your skin tone, let's move on to the colors that can go with your skin color:

  1. Light skin

If you have fair skin, pastel colors and cool tones are a great choice. Pastel colors like pale pink, light blue, and pale green can be very flattering on fair-skinned women. Cool tones like navy blue, gray and black can also look very stylish.

  1. Medium skin

If you have medium skin, you're in luck, because almost any color can be flattering on you! However, some colors can be particularly flattering, such as hot pink, royal blue, and emerald green. Warm colors like red and orange can also look great.

  1. Dark skin

If you have dark skin, you can opt for bright colors and warm tones. Bright colors like red, purple, and dark blue can be very flattering on dark-skinned women. Warm tones like brown, beige and gold can also look very stylish.

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In conclusion, the choice of your hijab color may depend on your skin color. However, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing the color of your hijab, as it will also depend on your personal preferences and the occasion for which you will be wearing the hijab. Either way, we hope these tips will help you choose your hijab color with confidence.